Gameplay Overview



A turn in Expeditions begins with shifting your action token at the upper right of your mech mat. Then you must either (a) take actions or (b) Refresh. If you take actions, you must perform all exposed actions that you are able to (some combination of Move, Play, Gather).

Most turns in Expeditions involve shifting your action token to cover Move, Play, or Gather, then taking the two exposed actions in the rectangular box (in any order). Your action token must stay in the rectangular box containing the Move, Play, and Gather actions until you take a Refresh turn (when the token will shift to the Refresh spot).

MOVE: Move your mech to another unoccupied location within range (1-3 locations).

PLAY: Play 1 card from your hand to gain the core value at the upper left of the card; you may place a specific worker on the bottom left to activate the card’s special ability.

GATHER: Gain the exposed benefits at your mech’s location.

REFRESH: Return all workers placed on active cards to your mech mat; then return all active cards to your hand. You may take a Refresh turn only if your action token was covering Move, Play, or Gather at the beginning of your turn.

RED ARROWS: Only when you start your turn with your action token on the Refresh spot (i.e., on your first turn and after your Refresh turns), shift your action token to the blank spot and take all three actions— Move, Play, and Gather—in any order. On the turn after that, you must shift your action token to cover Move, Gather, or Play.

Expeditions is played in consecutive clockwise turns. The end of the game is triggered when a player places their 4th glory token with the Boast ability.

EXAMPLE: Sydney shifts their action token to cover the Move action. As a result, they must take the exposed actions—Play and Gather— in either order. On their next turn, Sydney must either shift their action token to cover a different action or Refresh.