Each card has an ability that is activated by placing an available worker on it; the worker must be of the type shown on the ability. Any ability that refers to a token, card, worker, or mech applies only to components in your possession unless specifically stated otherwise.

CONDITIONS: Some abilities grant additional benefits if you have at least a minimum amount of melded meteorites. Ignore that text unless you meet the condition.

COLORS: If an ability refers to a card’s color (blue, red, green, yellow, or purple), it refers to the color of the worker printed in the lower left corner on that card.

WORKER LIMIT: Each card can hold at most 1 worker.

PREVIOUS: This refers to the card to the immediate left in the active row.

FACE-UP: This refers to the 5 face-up cards found among the locations. Some abilities refer specifically to “adjacent” face-up cards; they are referring to cards next to your mech’s location.