Mech Actions



In this rulebook section, all references are in relation to the mech for which you’re resolving actions.

So, if you’re resolving actions for the North mech, “target” refers to the target line of the North mech section of the decision card.

All movement is in the direction of the specific mech (eastwards for the North mech and westwards for the Central one).

1. If there’s a icon, then sweep all face-up cards adjacent to the mech.

2. If there’s a glory requirement icon in the target line and Automa has at least as much glory on Basecamp as indicated on the icon, do the following:

a. Check the next 0-3 locations in the mech’s movement direction and look for a match with the target icon:

• A icon matches a location with a token.

• A icon matches the location that has the token and no other corruption token.

• A icon matches a location with at least 1 corruption token. Exception: the token is ignored for this. The multipliers (x1, x2, and x3) after the icon don’t matter for targeting.

EXAMPLE: In this situation in which Automa has placed 5 glory tokens on Basecamp, a location with a corruption token is targeted because the requirement is 3 or more glory.

b. If there’s at least 1 match, move the mech to the first matching location. This can be the location it is currently on. Then, carry out the associated action as described on the next page.

EXAMPLE: Target matches for the three different icons

3. If Automa doesn’t have sufficient glory or there’s no matching location, move the mech as many locations as indicated by the icon in the distance line.

Note that no matter what distance is shown on this icon you must always check up to 3 locations when looking for a match to Automa’s target icon.

Make sure to keep the exception rules from Automa Mech Movement in mind.