Publisher's Notes



SCYTHE VARIANTS: While we are no longer creating new content for the original Scythe game, we anticipate that some creative Scythians will find a way to incorporate these big mechs into Scythe. Please share your creations in the Scythe Facebook group and on BoardGameGeek; we’ll post our favorites in the Scythe FAQ on the Stonemaier Games website.

ACHIEVEMENT SHEET: Players are invited to record various milestones on the included achievement sheet. This is also available as a downloadable, printable document on the Stonemaier Games website.

INSPIRATIONS: Big thanks to the brilliant designers of games that inspired Jamey during this creative journey, including Slay the Spire, Clank!, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Dune: Imperium, The Quest for El Dorado, Shards of Infinity, Nemesis, Yedo, Great Western Trail, Magic the Gathering, Tyrants of the Underdark, Dominion, Ark Nova, Moonrakers, Dwellings of Eldervale, Dead Reckoning, Islebound, Concordia, Century: Spice Road, Inscryption, and, of course, Scythe itself.

PHOTO CREDIT: A still photo from the movie Nanook of the North by Robert Flaherty was used as an illustrative reference for card 073. A Creative Commons photo by Pierre-Yves Beaudouin of a wrestler was used as an illustrative reference for the character Matthew. Purchased stock photos provided reference for other cards (e.g., various photos of animals in different poses).