When you take a Move action or use a Move ability, move your mech to another unoccupied location (a location without another mech) within range.

BASECAMP: Basecamp (where your mech begins the game) is adjacent to 3 locations. After moving off Basecamp, your mech will always be on a location—you may not move back to Basecamp (it is not a location).

RANGE: Unless stated otherwise, movement always has a range of 1–3 locations. Your mech must end on a different location than where it began.

While moving, your mech may travel through occupied locations (locations with other mechs). Occupied and unoccupied locations count the same against your movement range. Your mech may not move through or end on any of the face-up cards among the locations.

In the rare instance that you cannot move your mech to a valid destination, don’t move (you may still take the Move action if it’s available; you just forfeit the action).

FACE-DOWN LOCATIONS: If your mech moves to a face-down location, its movement ends. Proceed to:

1. Gain the map token () from the location. They are only useful for a glory category and specific cards, where they are simply called “maps”.

2. Flip the location face up.

3. Draw corruption tokens from the bag one by one, stacking them face up on top of the square at the bottom of the location until the sum of the corruption is greater than or equal to the location’s corruption level (small number to the right of the square). Example: If the corruption level is 5+ and the first corruption placed there has a value of 4, you must draw another corruption and place it on top of the 4.

EXCEPTION: When location 20 is revealed, place the 20-value corruption on it instead of using the corruption bag.

EMPTY BAG: If the corruption bag is empty at any time during this process, stop drawing corruption and leave the location as is.

THEME: This area of Tunguska is corrupted by the ancient evil awakened by the mysterious meteorites. Upon discovering this corruption, you vow to remove it from the region using power and guile.

EXAMPLE: The blue player wants to move to location 12 (an unoccupied location). They may do so by moving through the red player’s location.