Setup: Player Components


PLAYER COMPONENTS: Each player gains the following. Return any unused components from each step to the box.

MECH MAT & MINIATURE: At random, gain a mech mat and the corresponding mech miniature. Choose a base snap to select your player color and attach the base snap to your mech.

STARTING CARDS (CHARACTERS AND COMPANIONS): Gain a character card at random, then gain its matching companion card (e.g., if you have the character with II in the upper right, gain the companion also marked II). Place these in your hand of cards, kept face up to the left of your mech mat.

TOKENS: Place the following on your mech mat:

• the 4 glory tokens (stars) of your player color,

• the action token of your player color on the Refresh spot, and

• a power token and guile token on the 0 spot of the track.

PLAYER AIDS: Gain 2 player aids, 1 of each type.

While playing Expeditions, you have the ability to improve your mech by tucking partially-exposed cards under your mech mat. To make tucking easier, we have included 4 riser stickers for the 4 corners of the back of your mech mat. This is a permanent change, so we recommend first playing a game without the risers to see how tucking works and if it’s cumbersome for your playing surface.