The End Phase occurs after each players turn and goes as follows:

Map Out the Incidents - move the Crisis Marker one space to the left.

Then take the Incident Card below the Crisis Marker and put it on its corresponding space on the board.

Take Damage - the current player takes as many Damage Cards as there are Enemies in play and adds them to their Discard Pile.

Redraw Hand - all players discard their Depleted cards during each End Phase. However, ONLY the player that just ended their turn draws back up to 5 cards.

If a players Deck runs out of cards and they can't draw back up to 5 cards, they reshuffle their Discard Pile to make a new Deck and then draw up to 5 cards from the newly formed deck

Crime Time Control - happens every 3rd turns in a two player game, or every 4th turn in a three and four player game, once the Crisis Marker moves back to the red ! space, Crime Time phase will occur.