Roll Player

Using Skill Cards


When a player buys a Skill card from the Market, it is immediately available for use.

To use a Skill card, a player moves the tracking token on the player’s Alignment card in the direction indicated by the arrow icon shown in the card’s Description.

Then, the player uses the special ability of the card, if they wish.

Finally, the player exhausts the card by turning it sideways, to show that the card cannot be used again until the card is refreshed (i.e., turned upright).

• If it is not possible for the player to move the tracking token due to its position on the player’s Alignment card, then the Skill card cannot be used.

• Skill cards may only be used if they are in the upright position.

• Skill cards may be used at any time (even during another player’s turn), unless noted in the card’s Description.

• Each player may refresh only one Skill card per round and only during the Cleanup Phase.