Roll Player

Dice Phase


During the Dice Phase, beginning with the Start Player and continuing clockwise around the table, players take turns selecting an Initiative card, placing a die on their Character Sheet, collecting Gold, and taking an Attribute Action.

Select an Initiative Card

Each player chooses an available Initiative card, with its die and any Gold on it, and places it in front of their Character Sheet.

Place Dice

Each player places the die from their Initiative card in the leftmost empty space of any Attribute Row.

Collect Gold

Each player then gains Gold: the Gold on their Initiative card, if any; 1 Gold from the supply if the player’s die was placed in the final space of an Attribute Row; and 2 Gold from the supply if the player placed a gold die.

Take Attribute Action (Optional)

After placing a die in an Attribute Row, the player may take the Attribute Action associated with that row.