Roll Player

Backstory Cards


Each player receives a Backstory card for their character that describes the character's pre-adventuring history and provides an opportunity to earn Reputation Stars at the end of the game.

These are the main parts of a Backstory card:

1 - Attribute Grid

Shows the 18 possible spaces across the six Attribute Rows. Six spaces in the grid show dice of specific colors.

2 - Backstory Title

3 - Backstory

4 - Reputation Star Reward

At the end of the game, players earn Reputation Stars for matching the dice colors in the Attribute Rows of their Character Sheet to the dice colors and positions shown on their Backstory card. The numbers below the stars on the Backstory card indicate how many matching colors are needed to earn the number of Reputation Stars shown inside the star. For example, if the player has four matching dice at the end of the game, they will earn three Reputation Stars.