Roll Player

Market Phase Example


In the Dice Phase, the Start Player, Eric, chooses the “2” Initiative card; the next player, Isaac, chooses the “1” Initiative card; and the last player, Claire, chooses the “3” Initiative card.

In the Market Phase, Isaac goes first, since Isaac chose the “1” Initiative card during the Dice Phase. Because there are three players, there are four Market cards available. Isaac wants the Reckless card, which costs 6 Gold. He decides to use his Charisma token, which he discards, and pays 5 Gold to the supply. Isaac places the Reckless card in the Traits area of his Character Sheet and adjusts the tracking token on his Alignment card as indicated by the arrow icon on the Reckless card. Eric goes next, because he chose the “2” Initiative card. He decides not to buy a card. Instead, he discards the Leather Gloves card from the Market and takes 2 Gold from the supply. This leaves two cards still available in the Market for Claire. She decides to buy the Quarterstaff card.

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