Roll Player

Scoring Attribute Goals


A player’s Class card includes goals for each Attribute Row on the player’s Character Sheet and shows how many Reputation Stars the player will gain for meeting each goal. The player adds up the face value of the dice in a particular row on the Character Sheet, adjusts the total for any Race Bonus or Penalty shown on their Character Sheet and Weapon cards, and then checks the adjusted total against their Class card to see if it meets the goal for that Attribute Row.

• If the goal is a single number, that exact number must be met. Attribute Scores over or under the target goal earn no Reputation Stars. Example: 17

• If the goal is a range of numbers, the player’s Attribute Score must have a value within the listed range. Example: 16-17

• If the goal includes a plus sign (+), then the player’s Attribute Score must be equal to or higher than the indicated number. Example: 14+