Roll Player

Cleanup Phase


During the Cleanup Phase, the players prepare for the next round:

1. Each player discards any unused Charisma tokens.

2. Each player may refresh one exhausted Skill card by turning it upright (See page 11 for more detail about Skill cards), thereby making it available for use in the next round.

3. The Start Player returns the remaining die in the Dice Pool to the dice bag and discards the remaining Market cards.

4. The Start Player draws a new set of Market cards for the next round (equal to the number of Initiative cards) and places them face up to form a new Market. If the Market deck is depleted and additional cards need to be drawn, the Start Player shuffles the discard pile (single dot and double dot together) to create a new Market deck before drawing the necessary cards.

5. The Start Player places 1 Gold on any Initiative cards that do not have Gold on them, if they are neither the first nor the last card in the row. Initiative cards may never have more than 1 Gold on them.

6. The Start Player passes the dice bag to the player to their left. That player becomes the Start Player for the next round.