Roll Player

Market Phase


During the Market Phase, each player has the opportunity to buy a card from the Market. The player order for this phase is dictated by the numbers on the Initiative cards that were chosen during the Dice Phase. The player with the lowest value Initiative card buys first, followed by the next lowest, etc.

To buy a Market card, the player pays the cost shown in the upper right hand corner of the card to the Gold supply. The player places the bought card face up in the appropriate area of the player’s Character Sheet. New cards are not added to the Market during the Market Phase.

If the current player cannot or chooses not to buy a card, they must select a card from the Market, and add it to the Market discard pile. They then gain 2 Gold from the supply. After a player has either bought or discarded a Market card, they return their Initiative card to the Initiative card row in the center of the table. This helps players keep track of who is next in the Market Phase.

At any time during the game, any player may look through the Market discard pile.