Bayou Bash

Movement and Direction


Movement and Direction

There are six movement directions in Bayou Bash: straight forward, forward-left, forward-right, straight backward, backward-left, and backward-right.

For the purposes of movement, "forward" is always considered to be moving toward the Finish Line, while "backwards" is away from it.

Movement effects may only move a Racer or object in one direction per effect, and it must move the full distance allowed; you cannot choose to move something fewer spaces than indicated. This movement may cause the Racer or object to fall off the Track.

Movement Dice Direction

Movement Dice must be used to move a Racer in one of the three forward directions: straight forward, forward-left, and forward-right.

Some rare effects allow a Racer to change direction. When this happens, the Racer's movement stops moving in one direction and finishes moving in a new direction.

On occasion, a Racer or object is placed on a new space. In this case, the Racer or object is simply placed in the appropriate space, ignoring all intervening spaces. Objects may not be placed off the Track, but may cause Rams when being placed.