Bayou Bash

Racer Abilities


Every Racer has unique Abilities listed on its Racer Card. These Abilities can be used throughout the race to gain an advantage over one's opponents.

A player may only use an Ability during their Racer's Movement Turn, and each Ability can only be used once per Turn. If an Ability has one or more Gold Carrot symbols next to it, the Racer must discard that many Gold Carrots to use the Ability.

Some Abilities last for the entirety of a Racer's Turn, in which case they will say "this Turn."

A player who uses an Ability that causes a Ram is considered the Ramming Player.


Each of a Racer's Abilities can only be used once per Turn, regardless of having Gold Carrot tokens.

Below are further clarifications on some Abilities.


Carrot Cake Quake - Move all Racers and Fans within three spaces of your Racer one space in any direction. Each movement may be in a different direction, potentially resulting in Ramming other objects moved by this Ability. Fans are not discarded when they Ram another object.


No Harm, No Foul - Before rolling dice, gain up to two Stagger tokens and the same number of dice of your choice. You may gain different types of dice with this Ability.


Hogwash Slosh - If you move onto a Water space, do not gain a Stagger token (though it still ends your die).

Untame Tusk Toss - Ram an object in an adjacent space, and you may place it within two spaces. Fans are placed and can cause Rams, but are then discarded.


Complete Disbe-leaf - After rolling the Stagger die, you may reroll it. If you do, gain a Stagger token. This Stagger token will apply on the following Turn.