Bayou Bash



Count and Discard Stagger Tokens

Once all of a player's Movement Dice are resolved, they discard all the Stagger tokens they have, taking note of their number.

A Racer may never have more than three Stagger tokens. If they have none, they skip this step and proceed to end their Movement Turn.

Note: it is important that Stagger tokens are discarded prior to resolving the Stagger, as new tokens may be gained as a result. Any gained Stagger tokens are resolved on the player's following Turn and do not count towards the current Stagger.

Roll the Stagger Die

After discarding Stagger tokens, the player rolls the Stagger Die. It is a 10-sided die with arrows on each side. The Stagger Die represents the loss of control a Racer suffers from going too fast, hitting things, or the mount disobeying their jockey.

To read the Stagger Die, orient it so that the elevated "point" of the die (the one not touching the table) is facing forward toward the Finish Line. The arrow then indicates which direction the Racer moves, relative to the Finish Line.


The Racer then moves in the direction indicated on the Stagger Die a number of spaces equal to the number of Stagger tokens discarded.

Staggering may cause a Racer to move onto any of the following:

- a space with another Racer, Barrel or Fan: see Ramming.

- a space with Water or Rocks: see Terrain.

- off the Track: see Falling Off the Track.

If the player rolled the Fan icon on the Stagger Die, their Racer does not move and instead gains one Fan.

Staggering Out of Turn

Some game effects may cause a Racer to Stagger when it isn't their Turn. If so, they follow the steps above as if it was their Movement Turn.