Bayou Bash




Racers, Barrels, and Fans are all objects which can be moved and/or Rammed. A Ram occurs when an object enters the same space as another object. The player controlling the moving object is the Ramming Player.

Each type of object has special rules when Rammed:


When a Racer is Rammed, it moves one space in any direction of the Ramming player's choice. The effects of that move (causing another Ram, entering Terrain, or falling off the Track) apply as usual.

During their Turn, a Racer may not enter the same Racer's space twice (but they could still enter another Racer's space). If they would, their Turn instead ends.

At the end of a Movement Turn (or Phase, if it's not during a Movement Turn), a Ramming Player gains one Fan for every different Racer they Rammed that Turn.


When a Barrel is Rammed, it moves five spaces in any one direction of the Ramming Player's choosing. If it hits an object or Terrain, it is discarded after resolving the Ram. If it falls off the Track, it is discarded.

If it was the Ramming Player's Racer that moved into the space with a Barrel, that Racer's remaining movement on their current Movement Die is reduced to 0 (if it was already 0, there is no effect).


When a Fan is Rammed, it is discarded (it does not move).

Some game effects may result in a Fan Ramming another object. Fans are not discarded in this case - only when they are Rammed.

Chain Reactions

Sometimes an object being moved from a Ram results in another Ram. In these cases, the Ramming Player does not change through the entire Chain Reaction.

For example, if the Rabbit causes the Pig to Ram the Waldgeist, the Rabbit receives a Fan - not the Pig.