Bayou Bash

Racing Phase - Drafting Jockey Cards


To start the Racing Phase, one player draws a number of Jockey Cards equal to the number of players plus one. The drawn cards are placed face up near the Track so that every player can read them.

The Racer furthest from the Finish Line (the Rearender) discards one Jockey Card of their choice, placing it in a pile next to the Jockey Deck.

In Turn Order, each player takes one of the remaining face up Jockey Card into their hand. This card is what they will use during their Movement Turn to race and fight other Racers.

After all Jockey Cards have been drafted, Movement Turns are taken in Turn Order.

Shuffling Decks

If you need to draw a card from any deck and the deck is empty, reshuffle the discarded cards to create a new deck.