Bayou Bash

Falling Off the Track


Falling Off the Track

When a Racer falls off the Track, their Racer Meeple is removed from the Track and their Skull Marker is placed on the same space from which they fell off the Track (on top of any other Skull Markers in that space if applicable). The Racer then gains a Stagger token and loses a Fan. If a Racer falls off the Track during their Movement Turn, their Movement Turn ends.

When a Racer that is off the Track starts their Movement Turn, they remove their Skull Marker and place their Racer Meeple on the space it occupied, ignoring all Terrain, objects, tokens, and other Racers in that space (they do not cause any Rams for entering that space).

When a Barrel or Fan falls off the Track, it is discarded.

Skull Markers and Turn Order

Racers are considered to be in the location of their Skull Marker for the purposes of Turn Order.

If there are multiple Skull Markers in a space, the bottom Skull Marker is always considered closest to the Finish Line, and then the next lowest, and so on.

A Racer on the same space as one or more Skull Markers is considered to be further from the Finish Line than any of the Skull Markers on that space.

Off the Track and the Fan Phase

Note that during the Fan phase, the Racer closest to the Finish Line and ON THE TRACK gains two Fans. A Racer off the Track cannot gain these Fans, regardless of their position.