Bayou Bash

Set-up 1. Build the Track


Players should decide whether to build their own customized track, or to follow a blueprint for one of the provided Example Tracks. Players may also wish to try alternate game modes, which can affect how the track is built. See the Rules Variations section for details on Example Tracks and alternate modes, if interested.

To build a customized track for the standard game rules, follow the steps below.

A. Place the Starting Track Piece near the edge of the table or playing area, with space to expand off the Starting Line edge.

B. Choose a Track Piece and attach it to the Starting Track Piece along the Starting Line edge. Track Pieces can be positioned in any way as long as at least three Lanes line up with the previous Track Piece.

Note that each Track Piece is double-sided. The grassy green side is easier, while the muddy brown side is more challenging. Try out a bunch of different combinations for added difficulty and fun!

C. Choose the next Track Piece and attach it to the previously placed piece, ensuring that at least three Lanes line up.

Try to pay attention to the Terrain (Water and Rocks) on the Track Pieces; the more varied their positioning, the more interesting the race will be.

D. Keep adding Track Pieces until you're satisfied with the length of your Track. Tracks should generally be between 8 to 12 Track Pieces for a good game length.

Once you're done adding Track Pieces, attach the Finish Line Track Piece so that the Finish Line spaces are the last on the Track.

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