Bayou Bash

Roll and Resolve Movement


Declare If Showboating

A player can choose to be Showboating for the Turn, but must declare it before rolling any Movement Dice. Showboating makes movement riskier but can gain the player a Gold Carrot token if successful.

Roll Movement Dice

The player takes all of the Movement Dice received from their Jockey Card and rolls them together.

If Showboating, they instead roll and resolve each of their Movement Dice individually; following the steps below to resolve each die before rolling the next.

The player gains a number of Stagger tokens equal to the number of Stagger icons rolled. A player may not have more than three Stagger tokens.

Resolve Each Movement Die

The player chooses a Movement Die to resolve and moves their Racer a number of spaces equal to the value on the die (they must move the full value). Movement must be in one of three directions: straight forward, forward-left, or forward-right. A Racer can only move in a single direction with each Movement Die, but they can choose a different direction for each Movement Die they resolve. As each Movement Die is used, they are discarded back to the supply.

For example, if a player had rolled a three, a two, and a one, they might choose to move their Racer two spaces straight forward, one space forward-right, and then three spaces straight forward.

Unless their Movement Turn ends early due to some effect, the player continues to resolve each rolled Movement Die until finished. When finished, proceed to the Stagger phase.

Nimble Dice (yellow four-sided) are read on their bottom edge.

If a Racer moves onto any of the following, refer to the following Rules:

- a space with another Racer, Barrel or Fan: see Ramming.

- a space with Water or Rocks: see Terrain.

- off the Track: see Falling Off the Track.


If a player is Showboating, they follow the same steps above except that they roll and resolve each Movement Die one at a time (resolving one before rolling the next).

If a Showboating Racer completes their Movement Turn without entering a space with Terrain, falling off the Track, or using a Racer Ability, that Racer gains a Gold Carrot token (to a maximum of three) at the end of their Turn.