Bayou Bash

Racing Phase - Movement Turns


After drafting Jockey Cards, players take their Movement Turns in Turn Order.

Turn Order

Turn Order begins with the Racer furthest from the Finish Line (the Rearender). It proceeds to the next furthest Racer and so on. The Racer closest to the Finish Line will take the last Movement Turn.

Steps of a Movement Turn

On their turn, each player completes the following steps:

1. Use Jockey Card

The player discards a Jockey Card from their hand to gain the objects, tokens, and Movement Dice pictured on the card. (In the standard game, players have only one Jockey Card to use. A game variant allows players to have more than one in hand.)

If the Jockey Card includes a Barrel icon, the player places a Barrel onto any Open Space within 2 spaces of their Racer or one of their Fans.

An Open Space does not contain a Racer, Fan, Barrel, or Terrain.

Barrels gained by the Jockey Card must be placed before resolving any Movement Dice.

If the Jockey Card includes Gold Carrot icons, the player gains that many Gold Carrot tokens and places them on their Racer Card (to a maximum of three).

If the Jockey Card includes Stagger icons, the player gains that many Stagger tokens and places them on their Racer card (to a maximum of three).

2. Roll and Resolve Movement

See Roll and Resolve Movement.

3. Stagger

See Stagger.

4. End of the Movement Turn

A player's Movement Turn usually ends once all their Movement Dice and Staggers are resolved, but some game effects (like Rocks Terrain) may cause it to end sooner.

When a player's Turn ends, they discard any unresolved Movement Dice. The Racer's tokens (Staggers and Gold Carrots) are not discarded.

A few game effects occur specifically at the end of a player's Movement Turn, such as gaining a Fan from Ramming another Racer, or gaining a Gold Carrot token after successfully Showboating.

After the last player in Turn Order has completed their Movement Turn, play proceeds to the Fan Phase.