Bayou Bash

Event Phase


At the start of each Round, one player draws the top card of the Event Deck and places it face up on an adjacent Active Event Card pile. The player reads the Event Card aloud, preferably in a goofy voice.

Effects listed on the card that apply to multiple Racers are resolved in Turn Order.

"Ongoing" effects set special conditions for the current Round. Once a new Event Card is on top of the Active Event Card pile, any previous Ongoing effects are ended.

Example: "Gunshot!", the first Event Card in any race, indicates that each Racer gains 1 Fan. In Turn Order, each Racer places a Fan on the Track. The other effect is Ongoing, limiting the effects of Ramming for all Racers during the first Round. When a new Event Card is played, Gunshot!'s effects end.

After resolving the Event Card, begin the Racing Phase by drafting Jockey Cards.

Shuffling Decks

If you need to draw a card from any deck and the deck is empty, reshuffle the discarded cards to create a new deck.