Werewords Deluxe

1. Night Phase


During this phase, the app will guide players on all instructions. To start the game, the Mayor presses the Play button on the app. The app tells all players to close their eyes.

Then it tells the Mayor to wake up and tap their secret role. The Mayor opens their eyes and taps their secret role (such as Villager, Werewolf, or Seer).

Next, the Mayor chooses a Magic Word from the options shown. The Mayor should choose a Word that they think the players will be able to guess. The Magic Word is shown to the Mayor to confirm their selection. Then the app tells the Mayor to close their eyes.

Next, the app tells the Seer to wake up. The Seer views the Magic Word, and then the app tells the Seer to close their eyes.

Finally, the app tells the Werewolves to wake up. The Werewolves view the Magic Word and see each other (if multiple in play). After a few seconds, the app tells the Werewolves to close their eyes.