Werewords Deluxe

Playing Werewords With Young & Old


Some young players might have trouble knowing some of the words that appear in Werewords. Likewise, some older players might not be aware of some of the more current words in the game. This is compounded further when both young and old players are in the same game, as their knowledge of people, places, brand names, titles, and other pop culture references don't always overlap.

The app has settings you can adjust so that those with different backgrounds and frames of reference can play together.

One of the most effective things to do is to change the Mayor's choice of words to 5. Normally this number scales with the difficulty settings (2 words on Easy through 5 on Ridiculous), but you can override that in the Mayor Choice settings.

Another helpful setting is to turn off Proper Nouns, which will prevent any words that start with a capital letter from appearing.

Encourage everyone to choose words they think all players will know when they are the Mayor. Of course, if the Mayor is a Werewolf, they'll have to decide if they can get away with choosing a word that is a little less likely to be guessed by everyone, or if doing so will give away their role.

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