Werewords Deluxe

Basic Strategy


Start by asking general questions of the Mayor to learn the category of the Magic Word instead of guessing it outright. Asking questions such as "Is it a person?" or "Can I buy it in a store?" or "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" quickly narrow the search down for all players.

All Village team players should pay attention to everyone who asks questions. If someone seems to be playing slowly or trying to derail the line of questioning, that person just might be a Werewolf.

The Seer has to be careful not to make their knowledge so obvious that the Werewolf will know who they are.

A Werewolf should, without making it too obvious, attempt to slow down the rate in which the group reaches their conclusion and use up tokens with questions that don't really help the other players.

A Werewolf should also pay attention to the other players to try to spot the Seer.

When the Word is not guessed correctly, it's always a good idea for all players with special roles on the Village team to state who they are, as this reduces the number of players that can be Werewolves. However, players may not turn their cards over until after everyone has voted.