Werewords Deluxe

3a. Voting - If The Word Is Guessed


If the players guess correctly before time runs out, the Mayor taps the yellow Correct button on the app, and then hands the Correct () token to the player who guessed correctly.

After a correct guess, only the Werewolf reveals their role card. The Werewolf then has one last chance to win if they can guess who the Seer is.

During this time, all players, including the Mayor, may say anything they'd like to, including what their secret role. Players are allowed to lie about what their role really is. However, no one but the Werewolf may reveal their role card until after the vote.

The Werewolf has just 15 seconds to decide. Then they must point at a player, who turns over their role card.

Note: If multiple Werewolves are in play, they all reveal their role cards, and may all vote for a different player.

If the Werewolf finds the Seer, the Werewolf team wins and the Villager team loses. If the Werewolf does not find the Seer, the Villager team wins.