Werewords Deluxe

2. Day Phase


The app then tells everyone to wake up (open their eyes) and starts the timer for the day phase. While the timer is running, all the players try to figure out the Magic Word.

The players do this by asking the Mayor questions that require a "yes" or "no" answer. The Mayor may not speak; instead, they must give the person who asked the question an answer token: Yes/No (/) - with the appropriate side up, Maybe (), or So Close ().

The Mayor usually wants the Villager team (the Villagers, Seer) to win, and should answer questions in a manner that leads them to the correct answer.

The Mayor may not point at any players or tokens, or speak until time runs out or the Magic Word has been guessed. The Mayor may not ignore questions posed to them even if they have been previously asked.

If players are way, way off track (maybe they've interpreted an answer poorly or they think they're very close when they aren't), the Mayor may place the Way Way Off () token in the middle of the table to indicated as such. This token may go to a specific player, but does not take the place of a regular Yes/No (/) or Maybe () token.

Players may speak to each other during the Day Phase, and can even ask each other questions before posing them to the Mayor. Only one question should be asked of the Mayor at a time. The Mayor may not speak at all, even to verify a previous question and answer.

Players (including the Mayor) may not look up the Magic Word or consult with anything or anyone outside the game regarding the Magic Word until the Day Phase is over.

The tokens are limited - when the last Yes/No (/) token is given to a player, the Day Phase is over and the Mayor must tape the No More Yes/No Tokens button on the app.

To guess correctly, players must directly ask the complete Word (e.g., "Is the word 'frog'?"; "Is it 'frog'?"). An indirect guess, even if it includes the Magic Word (e.g., "Is it a kind of frog?"), is not correct. The Mayor might want to use the So Close () token in this case.