Tap the Gear button on the main screen to access the various settings.

Change Edition

Click the box art of your relevant game edition in order to access its features and game modes.


• Tap the Narration button to toggle if narration plays during the game.

• Adjust the narration volume as desired.

• Tap the Music button to change the style of music that plays during the game or disable music entirely.

• Adjust the music volume as desired.

Game Timer

• Tap the Game Timer button to toggle if the timer starts during the game.

• Adjust the game timer length as desired.

• Enable or disable the Narrator's 1 Minute Warning

• Enable or disable the Narrator's 30 Second Warning

• Adjust the time each role is given to perform their actions during the night phase.

Word List

• Built-In Lists can toggle the pool of categories that words belong to given to the Mayor to select from.

• Custom Lists allows you to name, edit, and create your own custom word lists for use in the game.

• Community Lists connects you to the Internet and allows you to search the database of user-submitted custom lists available for download.