Ninja Squad

Frequently Asked Questions

Can players keep Buki cards secret?
Yes, if they wish to.
Must discarded cards be shuffled back into the deck before rotation?
Yes, the discarded cards must be added back into their decks before the decks are rotated at the end of a round.
Can the Hornet's Nest trap cause a Guard to enter a player's tile? What happens then?
Yes. The rules for 'Taking out a Guard' apply: Take out the Guard, discard 2 Movement Cards, skip your next movement turn.
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Can a Ninja leap from road-level onto a roof and/or over a roof-tile?
Yes, they can. Pretty nimble-footed us Ninja folk, aren't we?
Can Traps be set on an occupied tile?
No, they can't. Real Ninja don't do such sneaky and dishonest things.
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Do Throwing Stars require line of sight?
Yes, they need to respect the rules for line of sight.
When can weapons be used during a Player's movement?
Weapons (Throwing Stars and other Buki cards) can be used before, during or after a Ninja's movement.
What is the effect of moving onto or through the Caltrops trap?
Players must turn over a trap tile before moving onto it. If it is Caltrops, the Ninja cannot move onto that tile and their turn ends on the tile BEFORE that space. Caltrops remain in play until the start of that player's next turn when they are removed and the player may take their turn as normal.
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Is a Ninja forced to move once on top of the Shogun's Palace while waiting for the others?
Once on the Shogun's Palace a Ninja does not have to move on their turn. However they may do so to where they can target a guard, or to aid another player's movement.
Where are guards added if a Ninja is on the Shogun's Palace board (MIDNIGHT RAID) or Blue Forest board (DAWN ESCAPE)?
In both cases, drop the guards onto the centre of the end board.
When is the alarm raised?
Alarm is raised when players leave their Ninja standing on a road tile at the end of a movement phase - see related rules.
What happens when I run out of movement cards?
Running into Guards and some card effects can force you to discard Movement Cards (and/or skip your movement turn). As soon as you run out of Movement Cards, you have to wait for the next movement phase / deck rotation before you can move your Ninja again.
Does my Ninja have to move the full number and pattern of spaces shown on the route option chosen?
Yes, they must complete the route shown on the movement card.
Can my Ninja hit a target through a building, trees, other Ninja or guards?
If not leaping, they can't. However, while leaping (= using a leaping movement card allows them to do so), they DO have line of sight to a target and can therefore target it,
Can my Ninja move onto or through a fire tile?
No. That would hurt.
When is my Ninja 'in cover'?
Ninja on a tree or bushes tile are considered to be 'in cover'. They WILL NOT trigger guards to be added; they CANNOT be targeted by opponents' weapons; they CAN target other Ninja outside that tile, provided they have clean line of sight.
Can a Ninja targeted by a knock-back weapon be knocked from a ground-level tile onto a roof-top tile?
No, they can't. Although that would be pretty awesome.
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Can a Ninja targeted by a knock-back weapon be knocked onto a tile occupied by another Ninja?
No, they can't.
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What happens if I end my movement on a tile already occupied by another Ninja?
If your movement cards give you no choice but to end your movement on top of another Ninja, your movement turn is frozen - see related rule.
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Can I move through another Ninja?
Yes, you can. Note that you cannot end your movement on a tile already occupied by another Ninja. See also related rule 'Movement Phase: Freeze'.
Is there a single player variant?
Not yet.
There is no official solo mode yet. Although you might try out the co-op game controlling 2-4 Ninja.
Where can I set a trap?
A player can set a trap on any tile adjacent to their Ninja's current location, including water areas, trees, bushes and rooftops.
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Can I shoot over or through a building or a tree?
No, you can't shoot over or through buildings or trees, You need to have a clean line of sight.
How do I win the game?
MIDNIGHT RAID: All players must reach the Shogun's Palace before the alarm tracker reaches its target. DAWN ESCAPE: The first player who reaches the Blue Forest wins the game.
How many spaces does Leaping allow me to move?
Leaping allows a Ninja to move only 2 spaces forward. This allows them to pass over a tile without activating any Guards or Traps located on that space. Note: Ninja can still use the Leap card to jump into, through or out of an area of water.
If I use a Buki Card to remove a Guard, what is the range of this effect?
You must apply the range and targeting area for the weapon shown on the Buki Card.
If I use the Bird Whistle Buki Card to move a Patrolling Guard, how will they move in the next Guard Phase?
If a Patrolling Guard is moved off their movement track and is still on the board in the next Guard Phase, they will return to their original starting location. Imagine they are under orders to return to their designated patrol route.
Does water provide cover from Guards?
No, water does not provide cover from Guards.
What happens when a Patrolling Guard moves onto a player's tile?
The Ninja must take out the Guard: The Patrolling Guard is removed and – before the new Movement Phase begins – the player must discard the top 2 cards from their new Movement deck. Note: The discarded cards must be added back into the deck before the decks are rotated at the end of round.
When do I pass on the First Player Token?
During Guard Phase.
It's the 6th action during the Guard Phase.