Ninja Squad

Introduction & Objectives


The Evil Shogun of Aomori has been terrorising the local villagers for many years. A legendary team of Ninja have been recruited to end his tyranny once and for all.

Ninja Squad is a 2-4 player game which is played as a sequence of two games with different modes and objectives.

1. MIDNIGHT RAID - Co-operative Game

During Midnight Raid, all Ninja must reach the Shogun’s Palace before the Alarm Tracker reaches its target number. The target number varies depending on the number of players.

If the Players are successful, they flip over the playing boards and continue with the second game, Dawn Escape.

2. DAWN ESCAPE - Player v Player Game

During Dawn Escape, each Ninja should go out of their way to slow down the other Ninja.

The Ninja who reaches the Blue Forest first is claiming the glory of defeating the evil Shogun and declared the winner of the game.

Note: Each of the game modes can be played as a separate game.