Ninja Squad

Movement Phase: Overview


Movement Rounds: All Players

Each Movement Phase is made up of 6 Movement Rounds.

Once each player has taken 6 Movement Turns, i.e. having played 6 cards and discarded 6 cards, the first Movement Phase ends and the Guard Phase Begins.

- All players shuffle the 12 Movement Cards in their hand and place them face-down to form a draw deck in front of them.

- All players draw the top Movement Card from their deck and place it face-up on the table beside their draw deck.

A Player's Turn

Before First Turn: Choose Start Location

On each player’s first turn they may choose any 1 of the 7 Start locations marked on Playing Board 1 to be the starting position of their Ninja.

Beginning of Turn

The player holding the First Player Token begins the first Movement Round by

- drawing the next card from their draw deck

- placing it face-up beside their first card

- choosing one of the four route options available on the two face-up cards and play that card.

The card played is set face-up on the table above the Player’s Draw Deck.

The remaining card is set face-down as a Discard Deck beside them.

End of Turn

The 1st player’s turn ends by

- drawing the next card from their draw deck and

- placing it face-up in front of them.

Play then passes clockwise to the next player who begins by drawing the next face-down card from their draw deck and beginning their turn as above.


When you draw a Movement Card it is helpful to rotate the card so that the arrow at the top of the card points in the direction of play:

- Towards the Shogun’s Palace in the Co-op game

- Towards the Blue Forest in the PvP game.