Ninja Squad

Senjutsu Cubes, Senjutsu Cards & Effects


How to get and use Senjutsu Cards

Any Ninja who have collected red Senjutsu Cubes during the Movement Phase, should exchange each cube for a Senjutsu (Tactical) Card during the Guard Phase.

They can then use the reward on the Senjutsu Card as a Free Action at any time during a Movement Phase.

Weapons must be used with line of sight. They cannot be fired over/through buildings or trees.

All Senjutsu Cards are single use. Once used they are discarded.

Senjutsu Card Effects

Blow Dart

Range 1-2

Put 1 Guard to sleep for 1 Movement Round.

Ninja may move through or onto a Guard without penalty.

Throwing Star

Range 2-3

Remove 1 Guard or Patrolling Guard from the board without penalty.

Perfect Hiding Place

Move the Alarm Tracker 1 space back on the Alarm Track.

Ninja Dash

Play 1 additional Movement Card.

A player may play both available Movement cards on their turn.

Pocket Rocket

Distract the Guards!

Move the Alarm Tracker 2 spaces back on the Alarm Track.

Team Ninja!

Move ANY Ninja 1 tile in any direction.