Ninja Squad

Playing a Movement Card


Example: Regular Movement

In this example, the player would probably choose Route 1 over Route 2 because Route 2 would move their Ninja onto a Lantern Tile.

DIRECTION OF PLAY: see small red arrow and circle.

- In the Co-op Game, Movement cards must be played with the arrow at the top of each pointing towards the Shogun’s Palace.

- In the PvP Game, it must be pointing away from the Shogun’s Palace towards the Blue Forest outside the city wall.

Notes on Ninja Movement

- A Ninja must move the full number and pattern of spaces shown on the route option chosen.

- A Ninja cannot end their movement on the same tile as another Ninja.

- A Ninja cannot end their movement 'off the board'.

See related rule 'Movement Phase: Freeze'.

Example: Leaping

The Leap Movement Card allows a Ninja to jump

- from one building to another

- over a waterway (in the Imperial Gardens)

- over a Guard

- over a Trap

Notes on Leaping

A Leaping Ninja will always have ‘Line of Sight’ to a target when leaping.

If not leaping, a Ninja cannot hit a target through a building, trees or another Ninja or Guard.

See related rule 'Line of Sight'.