Ninja Squad

Alarm Cards & Effects


Raising an Alarm

If a Ninja ends their Movement Phase on a Road Tile (after 6 cards have been played by each player), an Alarm will be raised:

- Take an Alarm Card during the Guard Phase and

- apply its effects.

Alarm Card Effects

Roof Top Slip!

Move the Alarm Tracker 2 spaces forward on the Alarm Track.

Scaredy Cat!

Move the Alarm Tracker 1 space forward on the Alarm Track.

Careless Footstep!

Lose 1 Movement Card.

Instead of turning their top Movement Card face up at the start of the next Movement round, the player must discard that card and on their turn MUST draw and play the next card.

Samurai Master!

Lose 2 Movement cards.

Player must discard the next 2 cards from their draw deck and will miss their next movement turn.

Giggling Geisha!

Step back into the shadows.

Move 1 space backwards.

Sleeping Sentry!

Nothing happens.