Ninja Squad

Wana Tokens & Traps


Ninja can use their Wana (trap) Tokens to slow down their rival Ninja.

Setting a Trap

Set a trap by placing the Wana Token face down on any tile adjacent to your Ninja’s current location.

A Ninja who moves onto or through a space covered by a Wana Token

- must turn over the token and

- apply its effects immediately.

The Wana Token is then discarded.


Trip Wire

Targeted Player loses one Buki Card.

The player who set the trap chooses 1 card at random. If the targeted player has no Buki cards the trap has no effect.


Targeted tile may not be moved onto or through until the end of the current Movement Round.

Hornet's Nest

Step on this and the resulting commotion is bound to draw the attention of the Guards.

Move two Guards on same Playing Board two tiles closer to the location of the nest.