Ninja Squad

Super Speedy Ninja!



Use a simple timing device, e.g. a smartphone app, in order to add a new 'level of pressure' to the Ninja Squad’s mission to reach the Shogun.

How to Play

Follow the rules of the regular MIDNIGHT RAID, but before beginning to play, set a timer to the times listed below:

- 2 Player game: 1m30

- 3 Player game: 2m

- 4 Player game: 2m30

Once setup is complete, the timing device is started and the First Player begins the Movement Phase in the regular way.

Once a player has moved their Ninja, lifted any Senjutsu/Lantern cubes or Guard Meeples collected on their turn and have placed their unused Movement Card onto the Discard pile, they say “Go”. This is the signal for the next player to begin their turn.

Triggering Guard Phase

Play continues as normal, with each player taking turns to draw cards and move their Ninja until either:

1. All players have taken 6 Movement Turns; (having each played 6 cards and discarded 6 cards). The Guard Phase will begin as normal;


2. The Ninja run out of time; The Movement Phase ends as soon as the timer sounds - The Guard Phase begins immediately, regardless of how many movement turns the players have taken.

Timer Reset

Once the Guard Phase has ended, the timer is reset and the next Movement Phase begins.

House Rules

If players feel they have mastered the set times above, they can decide to reduce the times to make the game even more challenging.