Tiny Epic Crimes

Gameplay Overview


Instead of taking turns clockwise, the officer who gets the next turn is determined by players’ Time Tracker position on the Time Track. The player with the tracker furthest behind (closest to “1”) takes the next turn. If multiple trackers are on the same spot, the player whose tracker is on top takes the turn. Your turn has the following steps:

1. Drive* (optional), see Step 1: Drive

2. Perform 1 Action* (mandatory), see Step 2: Perform 1 Action

3. Draw an Event (conditional), see Step 3: Draw an Event

4. Mobster Roll (mandatory), see Step 4: Mobster Roll

*During Steps 1 and 2 (driving and performing an action) you must spend time measured in hours. After Step 2, advance your tracker one space for each hour () that you spent.