Tiny Epic Crimes

Step 3: Draw an Event (conditional)


After Steps 1 and 2, your Time Tracker advances for your spent. If your tracker is the first of all players to pass a red Event Line on the track, then a new Event is drawn. First, note if there is an open Event Slot under the Time Track (there are 3 slots):

If a slot is open, draw and reveal the top Event of the deck, read it aloud, and place it face-up into the lowest-number open slot. Then follow the steps to set up the Event. If instructed, roll to add mobsters or tokens:

Reroll any “6’s” (there is no reprieve like for Mobster Rolls).

If a roll would place a mobster into a block with another mobster, reroll to place it into another block until the mobster gets placed. Do not then draw an additional Event like for a Mobster Roll.

If you roll a double, do not then add an additional mobster like for a Mobster Roll (see Step 4: Mobster Roll).

Tokens and mobsters can never be placed on HQ unless the Event setup specifies it (reroll if the HQ is the location).

If there are no open slots, then chaos grips the city! Take the Too-Many-Events Penalty (see below).

If a Timed Event (one with a icon) is revealed when at least one Officer’s tracker is on hours 39-48 of the Time Track (spaces marked with a ) then discard that Event and draw a new one.

Too-Many-Events Penalty

If there are already 3 Events active, and a fourth Event would be drawn, instead discard the top Suspect Card from the game without revealing it. If no Suspect Cards remain in the deck, advance each player’s Time Tracker 1 on the Time Track (but not one that is on the 48-hour mark).