Tiny Epic Crimes

Frequently Asked Questions

In cooperative mode, will the players lose if the out-of-time marker travels through the red spaces.
Red spaces are always considered to be the 6 spaces leading up to the out-of-time marker.
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Do we reveal a new Event Card every time a player passes a red Event Line?
Only the 1st one
If your tracker is the first of all players to pass a red Event Line on the Time Track, then a new Event is drawn.
Do I reroll a Mobster Roll if I roll a 6 or double 3s?
If a “6” die or a “3-3” (the HQ’s block) is rolled during a Mobster Roll, do not add a mobster and continue to the next turn. This is called a Reprieve.
What happens if I need to place a mobster but there none left in the bag?
Apply a Penalty
If at any point in the game you must pull a new mobster and there are none left in the bag, then apply a Too-Many-Events Penalty.
Can several Crime Sprees occur if I roll doubles one after another?
If double 1’s, 2’s, 4’s or 5’s are rolled for a Mobster Roll, apply the results of the roll, and then perform another Mobster Roll. Multiple Crime Sprees can occur.
How many unapprehended mobsters can be placed on a single block?
Up to 1
There can only ever be one unapprehended mobster on any block at a time. Effects from Force and Event Cards cannot overrule this.
What happens when I roll a 6 for an Event?
When an Event is revealed and you roll any “6’s”, you must reroll them (there is no reprieve like for Mobster Rolls).
Can I place mobsters and tokens on HQ when rolling the HQ as the location?
Tokens and mobsters can never be placed on HQ unless the Event setup specifies it (reroll if you roll the HQ as the location).
Do I add an additional mobster if I roll doubles when revealing a new Event?
If you roll a double after you reveal an Event, do not then add an additional mobster like for a Mobster Roll.
How many Force Cards can I have at the same time?
Up to 2
You can hold a maximum of 2 Force Cards. If you gain a third, you must discard that new card or one from your hand.
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How do we distribute event rewards if there is not enough of them for each contributing player?
Time Track order
If there is not enough of a reward for each recipient when resolving an event, players select the reward in Time Track order, furthest back first.
If I Interrogate another player and gain a card which I have already seen, can I choose another card?
If you take the Interrogate bonus action and pick a card you have already seen, you do not get to pick another.
Can I take an action which would advance my Time Tracker beyond the 48-hour Time Track limit?
Your tracker cannot go beyond the 48-hour mark of the Time Track. If your action would cause your token to go past that mark, you must choose another action.
Can I Bring in for Holding a mobster, whose Holding Token color is already taken?
If you bring a mobster to the HQ and the mobster’s color of Holding Token has already been taken, gain 1 Force Card instead of the token (and do not advance your Badge Level).
If I fail at the Stakeout action, do I need to reveal the Stakeout Token's number to other players?
If you fail at the Stakeout action, return the Stakeout Token facedown to the block, and do not tell the other players the number.
Do I still need to spend the time I have risked when I fail at a Call for Backup or a Stakeout action?
Whether you have succeeded or failed a Call for Backup or a Stakeout, advance your Time Tracker the time you have risked.
Do I still gain anything when I fail to Call for Backup?
When you fail the Call for Backup action, you apprehend a mobster on your block (if there is one). However, you don't apprehend any adjacent mobsters, and do not gain a Force Card.
When I apprehend a mobster, do I always place it on my Officer Mat?
When you apprehend a mobster, return it to the bag unless the action description gives instructions otherwise (for example, when you Arrest the mobster).
If I arrest a mobster type which is already on my Officer Mat, where do I place the mobster token?
Into the bag
If arrest a mobster when you already have a mobster of the same color on your mat, you return it to the bag instead of placing it on your Officer Mat.
Do I have to move my car on my turn?
If you wish, you may remain in the same block on your turn without moving. In this case you spend zero hours.
Can my Rank exceed 9?
If your Rank ever exceeds “9,” then flip the badge to its “10+” side and place it back on the large badge image.
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Do I have to exchange information with another player when I get this reward?
When you have the ability to exchange information with a player who has an Evidence Token, you choose whether or not to do this, and which envelope to look at (if the other player has more than one token); the evidence’s holder cannot refuse it.
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What does the Exchange Information reward do in a cooperative game?
All Evidence knowledge is shared between players in a cooperative mode. Ignore the Exchange Information reward for all Event rewards.
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Can I exchange information with another player if I don't have any Suspect Cards?
You must have at least one Suspect Card to exchange information (look at the Murderer's Card in an Evidence Envelope held by another player), however your Suspect Card may be one that the other player has already seen.
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If I have an Evidence Token, can I look at that Evidence again later in the game to remember it?
The holder of an Evidence Token may review that Evidence at any time.
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When Evidence is solved, which players see the Evidence through the Evidence Envelope?
Who got final token
When Evidence is solved, only the player who has collected the final Clue Token processes the Evidence using the Evidence Envelope (even if another player has collected a higher number of matching Clue Tokens),
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When evidence is solved, does each player gain 1 Suspect Card for every matching Clue Token they have?
When evidence is solved, all players who contributed to Solving Evidence—that is have at least one Clue Token of that type—gain 1 Suspect Card (ONLY 1, no matter how many tokens they have collected).
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What happens, if I should draw a Suspect Card from the deck, but the deck is out of cards?
Pick from a player
When you gain suspect's alibis and the Suspect Deck has run out of cards, you must look at a Suspect Card from another player.
Which player takes the turn, if 2 furthest behind players have their Time Trackers on the same space?
The one on top
If multiple trackers are furthest behind on the same spot, the player whose tracker is on top takes the turn.
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Can I write down notes during the game?
If players would like to keep notes, you can each use paper and pen/pencil to secretly do so.
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Who wins the game if no one identifies the murderer?
No one
If the case goes unsolved when time runs out and the murderer goes free, all players have let the department down and lose the game.
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