Tiny Epic Crimes

Choose Your Game Mode


Standard Game Mode (“Competitive,” Standard Game Setup):

In Standard Mode, players are Detectives, each looking out for themselves. All Detectives can perform any action, so long as it is the right time of day. However, keep as much knowledge secret as you can, as there is only one winner—the player that correctly identifies the murderer and has the highest rank. However, if the case goes unsolved when time runs out and the murderer goes free, all players have let the department down and lose the game.

Cooperative Game Mode (see Cooperative Game Mode):

In Cooperative Mode, players work as a team, with the challenge of performing different roles in the police force: Sheriff, Detective, Analyst, and Patrol Cop. Throw all secrecy out the window, as you and your fellow officers share Suspect Cards, tackle the case together, and stake all of your careers on a single accusation.

Solo Game Mode (see Solo Game Mode):

It’s a lonely job holding this city together, but someone’s got to do it!