Tiny Epic Crimes

2-Player Game Variant


For both Standard and Cooperative Modes:

1. Place only 3 Informant Tokens next to Black Die Tokens 1, 3, and 5.

2. Place only 3 Witness Tokens next to White Die Tokens 2, 3, and 4.

In this game, only 3 Informant Tokens are needed to solve Rank, and only 3 Witness Tokens are needed to solve Gang (noted on the envelopes). Return unused tokens to the box after setup.

For Standard Gameplay:

At the start of the game, deal 4 face-down Suspect Cards to a separate pile between both players with an unused Car Token on top. This marks it as the alibis for a “ghost officer.” When Interrogating, you may shuffle these cards, and draw one to peek at instead of choosing from the other player’s cards, returning the card face-down to the pile when done.