Tiny Epic Crimes

Standard Game Setup


1 Place the HQ Card (labeled “HQ”) in the center of the table.

2 Shuffle the 24 City Block Cards, placing them randomly face-up to form a 5x5 grid with HQ in the center. This is called the “city” and each individual card is called a “block.”

3 Place the 10 Die Tokens next to each block on 2 of the city’s sides, in numerical order:

3A Top: 5 White Dice (-)

3B Left: 5 Black Dice (-)

4 Place the 5 Informant Tokens (), one next to each Black Die Token.

5 Place the 5 Witness Tokens (), one next to each White Die Token.

6 Shuffle the 7 Search Tokens () face-down and place them on the 7 blocks that show a .

7 Shuffle the 5 Stakeout Tokens () face-down and place them on the 5 blocks that show a .

8 Place the 3 Holding Tokens () on the 3 ‘s on the HQ.

9 Set up the Time Track: Arrange the 2 Time Mats next to each other, each “Standard-side” up (listed in the upper left) to form a track.

10 Place the 5 Evidence Tokens nearby in reach of all players.

11 Place the 2 Bullet Dice nearby in reach of all players.

12 Fill the Bag with all of the mobsters. Shake, and then oneat- a-time pull 3 to place in the city: Roll both dice to determine the block where that mobster is placed (see Mobster Roll, pg 16). If a “6” or “3-3” is rolled, or if there already is a mobster there, then reroll. Repeat this until all 3 mobsters are in the city.

13 Give each player an Officer Mat (flipped to the “Standard” side), a Player Aid, and a matching color Time Tracker, Car, and Badge.

13A The Player Aid can be flipped to either side throughout the game to best read the information.

13B Stack all of the Time Trackers to the side of the Time Track in player age order, with youngest player on top and oldest on the bottom.

13C Place your Car on HQ.

13D Place your Badge Tracker (10+ side down) on the large image of the badge at the bottom of your Officer Mat.

14 Shuffle and deal each player 2 Ability Cards. Each player chooses one (place it face-up near your mat) and returns the other to the box. All unused cards are returned to the box as well.

15 Shuffle the Force Cards into a face-down deck. Deal one facedown to each player. You may look at this card while keeping it secret from the other players.

16 Shuffle the Suspect Cards into a face-down deck.

16A Draw 1 card without revealing it and slide it into the Murderer Envelope. Note the arrow on the back of the card should be visible in the triangular slot to show how the card should slide in.

This is Don Mureti’s Murderer.

No player can remove and view this card unless specifically instructed to.

17 Place the 5 Evidence Envelopes and the Magnifying Glass nearby in reach of all players.

18 Place all of the Event Tokens nearby so that they may be used when needed.

19 Shuffle the Event Cards into a deck. Deal 1 face-up to the open “1” slot at the bottom of the Time Track. Read the setup instructions on the card aloud and set it up. For details about Events, see pg 14-15.