Tiny Epic Crimes

Step 4: Mobster Roll (mandatory)


The final step of your turn is to perform a Mobster Roll. Roll both dice: the black and white die results determine the column-row coordinates (using the Die Tokens) of the block where a new mobster is placed. For example in the image on the right, black-2 and white-4 would be this block.

If that block does not have a mobster: Pull a mobster from the bag and place it into that block.

If that block already has a mobster: Do not pull a mobster, but instead draw a new Event Card. If there are already 3 active Events, then take a Too-Many-Events Penalty (see Step 3: Draw an Event).

• Reprieve: If a “6” die or a “3-3” (the HQ’s block) is rolled, do not add a mobster and continue to the next turn.

• Crime Spree: If double 1’s, 2’s, 4’s or 5’s are rolled, apply the results of the roll, and then perform another Mobster Roll (double 3’s and 6’s do not trigger a Crime Spree). Multiple Crime Sprees can occur.

There can only ever be one unapprehended mobster on any block at a time. Effects from Force and Event Cards cannot overrule this.

If at any point in the game you must pull a new mobster and there are none left in the bag, then apply a Too-Many-Events Penalty (see Step 3: Draw an Event).