Tiny Epic Crimes

Quick Reference


Step 1: Drive (optional)

At the start of your turn, move your car, spend 1 per block.

Step 2: Perform 1 Action (mandatory)

1 : You apprehend a mobster on your block.

Risk 1-6: Roll less than or equal to apprehend mobsters from your block and each adjacent block to the bag, then gain a Force Card.

Roll more: only apprehend mobster on your block.

1: Do nothing as your action.

2: You apprehend a mobster and collect the from that row.

2: You apprehend a mobster and collect the from that column.

2: You flip a : succeed () or fail ().

Risk 1-5: You peek at a : succeed if the number is less than or equal to your risked .

2: You apprehend a mobster, placing it on your mat’s slot (limit 1). Then:

2: While at HQ, return the mobster to the bag and collect the of its color.

Step 3: Draw an Event (conditional)

If your tracker was the first to pass an icon, draw an Event Card.

Step 4: Mobster Roll (mandatory)

Roll dice to add a new mobster to the city.

Hour- Time spent. Move your Time Tracker forward.

Daytime/Nighttime- Actions can only be performed when your tracker starts there.

Resolved Event Rewards:

Only player that resolves

Any other player that contributed

Clue Tokens: