Tiny Epic Crimes

Game End: The Accusation


Once all players’ Time Trackers are in the final 43-48 spaces on the track, and they have ended their game, it is time for all players to accuse a suspect and reveal the Murderer. Flip your Player Aid to the suspect side and take your Car from the city. Then using your hand to shield your accusation from other players, place your Car on the suspect you believe to be the Murderer.

Once all players are ready, simultaneously reveal your accusations. The Murderer’s card is then removed from its envelope and revealed using the Magnifying Glass. If only one player accused the correct suspect, that player is the winner! If multiple players accused the correct suspect, among the tied players:

1. The tied player with the highest Badge Level wins.

If there is still a tie, eliminate the untied players at each step:

2. Player with the most time remaining (fewest hours spent) wins.

3. Player with the most Evidence Tokens wins.

4. If any players are still tied, they share the victory.

If no one accused the correct suspect, all players lose.