Tiny Epic Crimes

Time of Day


Certain actions (listed on your Officer Mat) can only be performed during either the daytime () or the nighttime (), for which spaces are marked on the Time Track. In order to perform a daytime action, your tracker must be on a daytime space at the start of your turn; likewise for nighttime actions. Drive, Arrest, and Coffee Breaks can be performed at any time, as long as it’s your turn.

Officer Abilities

Each player has a unique Ability Card that gives an additional benefit. Your card details your effect and when it can be used.

Force Cards

Each has a powerful effect for an officer. When one is used, place it into a face-up discard pile next to the draw deck. If the draw deck is ever empty, shuffle the discards to form a new deck.

Note: You can hold a maximum of 2 Force Cards. If you gain a third, you must discard that new card or one from your hand.