Tiny Epic Crimes

Solve Evidence


On the Murderer’s Card there are 5 different types of evidence that, taken together, identifies them (hidden by the Tiny Epic Decoder System).

/ GANG: Red Rhinos or Blue Bees

/ RANK: Boss or Underboss

/ FORENSICS: Fingerprints or Shoeprints

/ GETAWAY: Car or Motorcycle

/ WEAPON: Gun or Knife

The murderer above, Aaron Ace, is a Blue Bee at the rank of Boss , who left Fingerprints at the crime scene, fled on a Motorcycle , and used a Gun for the murder.

Collect Clues

Perform specific actions to collect Clue Tokens (placing them on your Officer Mat), and when enough tokens of an evidence’s type has been collected by all of the players combined, then it is solved. For example, when players perform Catch Informant 5 times and have collected 5 Informant Tokens, the Rank Evidence is solved.

Process Evidence

The player that collected the final Clue Token:

1. Takes the matching Evidence Token and places it on their Officer Mat. This marks that they hold the Evidence.

2. Then they take the matching Evidence Envelope, and peek at the Solved Evidence: Carefully remove the Murderer’s Card from its envelope, without revealing its back side. A Slide it into the Evidence Envelope so that the white arrow on it is still visible through the opening. B Flip the envelope to secretly reveal the Evidence’s icon through the window. For instance, this murderer’s Rank is revealed to be “Boss.”

3. Once done peeking, flip the envelope again and carefully remove the card without revealing it. Slide it back into the Murderer Envelope, so the arrow is again visible.

Players with Clues

All players who contributed to Solving Evidence—that is have at least one Clue Token of that type—gain 1 Suspect Card (only 1, no matter how many tokens they have collected).

Peek at Solved Evidence

Only the holder of an Evidence Token may review that Evidence at any time. However, all other players might be able to peek at Evidence as a reward for resolving Events.

When you resolve an Event, the listed in your reward means you may exchange information with a player who has an Evidence Token. You look at the Murderer’s card in the Evidence Envelope that the player has, while that player randomly selects and looks at one of your Suspect Cards. You must have at least one suspect to do this, and it may be one that the other player has already seen.

Whether or not to do this, and which envelope to look at (if the other player has more than one token), is your choice; the evidence’s holder cannot refuse it. Take care to not reveal any other information to yourself or the other players.

Cooperative Mode: All Evidence knowledge is shared between players. Ignore the reward for all Event rewards.

Advance 1 Badge Level

When you collect any type of Clue Token (,,,, or ), or when an Event rewards you by increasing your Badge Level by 1 (), advance your Badge 1 space on its track on your Officer Mat. If it lands on a space with an icon, then immediately gain that bonus:

If your Rank ever exceeds “9,” then flip the badge to its “10+” side and place it back on the large badge image.