You may fire your cannons at another Pirate Ship or Merchant Ship that’s on the same Map Card as you are. You cannot attack the Navy Ship. If multiple ships are on the same Map Card as you, choose which one to attack. Your goal is to deal more (damage) than the ship you’re attacking. Total your by:

Rolling for Damage: Roll the number of dice indicated by your Legend Level (either 2 or 3 dice). Compare the die results to the symbols listed at the top of all of your Captain and Crew Cards. For each die symbol that matches your roll, you deal 1 . For example, if you have two 6-symbols and roll a 6, you deal 2 . If you have two 6-symbols and roll two 6’s, you instead deal 4 . Numbers rolled that do not match any die symbols on your cards deal zero .

Use Sure-fire Tokens: After rolling, you may discard a Sure-fire Token from your Helm Mat to set 1 already rolled die to a face of your choice, using that die result instead. This only changes the die number; it does not count as an additional die result. You may do this multiple times in an attack if you have the Sure-fire Tokens to discard.

Deckhands on Cannons: Add 1 for each Deckhand on Cannons.

Automatically add Crew with to your total.